Janna accesses her gift, experience, and education



to create a custom experience for you in your session.





Barbara Brennan School of Healing (4 year training)

Barbara Brennan School of Healing


Brennan Integration Practioner, Graduate Degree 
Barbara Brennan School of Healing


Psycho Spiritual Development Enrichment Program
Center for Intentional Living  (3 year program)


Shamanic Studies Program
Donna M. Callaghan (3 year Shamanic Training)


Reiki Master and Teacher 

Usui Method


Chi Nei Tsang Practitioner
White Cloud Institute Energy Medicine Certification


Cranial Sacral Training 
Michael Shea / Ken Dipersio


Pranayama Breath Work Healer Training
David Elliott


Ho’oponopono Training



Massage Therapist

Chicago School of Massage Therapy


Pregnancy Massage Certification
Carole Osborne


Soft Tissue Manipulation and Pain Management
Leon Chaitow, ND., DO.


Neuromuscular Training and Mentoring
Leigh Ankrum


Lymphatic Drainage, Certified Vodder Practitioner 

Dr Vodder School


Lomi Lomi Massage Technique Training 
David Cowen