My Calling

I specialize in helping people heal, open up, and find wholeness. My work as an integrated healer involves a wide range of techniques that unwind physical tension and help restore the natural flow of the nervous system.


A wide range of training and experience allows me to bring the right methods to each person in each session. A grand, great cloak of love and grace guides me in helping others find peace, stability, and joy from within themselves.


What is Intutive Energy Healing?

Intutitve Energy Healing is the name I use to descibe my practice. I have been gifted with the ability to recieve information about my client and assist them with the process of unblocking their path to higher fulfillment with the aim toward closer achivement of their hopes and dreams in life.


Together, we work toward the action of a discovery within - the discovery of truth, goodness, positivity, purpose, empathy, gratitude, humility, and love. My aim is to help you embody wholeness, embrace joy, and feel good. 


What I do

The foundation of my practice is a nonjudgmental, unconditionally loving, and safe environment where each person is deeply seen and known. I honor the wisdom and integrity of each person I work with.


The work starts with listening. I really care about each one of my clients. The two of us will create together. My intuition tells me what to do. It becomes very clear to me what will aid the person I am in session with. I can see what’s out of balance. I can see relationship cords and see where things get tangled. I can see how the energy affects the physical body.


Sometimes it’s best to begin by working with the physical plane, and then move into the energetic one. I meet each client’s comfort level and we work together from that place towards healing.


My Role as Your Healer

I am a guide, a change agent, to lead you through the bumpy terrain back to the acceptance of your basic goodness. Sometimes life experience is tough, painful, and discouraging. This can be traumatic to our physical and energetic bodies, harming our confidence and relationships.


Energy healing releases and balances energy. The perceived blocks, problems, and negativity are a doorway for me as the healer to balance and bring love - our greatest gifts lie in our deepest wounds.


Energy healing is about taking ownership and responsibility for one’s self. As a healer I am helping people stand 100% for themselves. I bring awareness to people’s responsibility for their life experience.


410 South Michigan Avenue, Suite 601 Chicago Illinois 60605


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